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BUY Above 1000 & GET 10% OFF USE COUPON CODE : CREME10 | Free Delivery Above 750 Rs                  For Hampers & Bulk orders please WhatsApp/call on - +91 70452 42840




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Burrata + Smoked Scamorza COMBO

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Your cheese needs to be refrigerated in normal chiller and can be kept in any of the shelves..

We recommend using a plastic or glass container exclusively to store your wrapped cheeses, for your fresh cheese same can be stored in brine water present in container.

Every pack has it’s shelf life mentioned on it.

No it’s not vegan

About Founders


Mr. Prateek Mittal


Mr. Rajas Dhote

(Director/ co-founder)


Our vision for the future is for every consumer to make the conscious choice of choosing what's better for them. And we look forward to set our change in motion with the values of authenticity, freshness and premium goodness so as to inspire the future generation to choose right, by choosing the best – Crèmeitalia.

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